5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Hitting Publish

5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Hitting Publish

Before you hit “PUBLISH” on that next blog post, stop and ask yourself these five basic questions.

1) How many red squiggle lines are there? And, more importantly, should they be there?

With automatic spell check, we don’t really need to worry about correct spellings anymore, but we’re getting so used to seeing that red squiggle for words like Instagram, one misspelled word might slip through the cracks.

2) Did you include a picture?

Posts with pictures always seem to get more traction, so make sure you include one. Looking for free photos for your blog? Here’s where I get most of mine.

3) Are you publishing now or scheduling?

Better double check! I’ve made this mistake many times. It’s a simple fix, but why all the hassle?

4) Did you re-read what you wrote?

Just give it a quick read-through to check for any major errors.

5) Are your tweets scheduled?

I use HootSuite to schedule all my tweets for my blog.

And just like that – five simple questions to a much better blog post. Do you have any questions you ask yourself before hitting publish? Let me know in the comments!

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