5 Ways to Save Money In Your Coffee Cup

5 ways to save money in your coffee cup

Trust me – I was a barista for more than 8 years so I understand how serious a caffeine addiction can be. I also know that coffee almost always tastes better when someone else makes it because I now make my boyfriend make the coffee every morning.  But that $5 a day latte habit can become a little trying on the wallet. So here are 5 ways to save money in your coffee cup:

1) Invest in a reusable coffee cup

Most coffee shops offer discounts (10 cents at Starbucks) for bringing in your own cup. Never worry about getting a faulty lid and spilling coffee again. Here’s a great one that keeps your coffee warm.

2) Brew your own

This one is a given, but with all the fancy creamers out there, you can still have delicious coffee at home. Starbucks also gives out rewards for purchasing coffee at the grocery store so you can still treat yourself to a latte every once in a while.

3) Skip the latte

Instead of getting a latte, grab a regular coffee. Do you enjoy a vanilla latte? Get a coffee with vanilla syrup and a splash of cream instead. Trust me on this one. You’ll be saving money and some calories by doing this.

4) Use your change

Still can’t give up your favorite beverage? Turn in your change at a local Coinstar and put it on a gift card to your favorite coffee place. You don’t pay any taxes – so you’ll be getting more coffee for your coin.

5) Incorporate tea

The best thing I ever for my caffeine addiction was adding tea. After my first cup of coffee, I’d switch over to tea. Tea is usually cheaper than coffee and it is incredibly simple to make at home. We always have a gallon ready in the fridge. That way, you’re not tempted to go back for a second cup of coffee.


Coffee is the most important part of any day, but it can also be an incredibly expensive part. I hope that I can help you save money right out of your coffee cup. Happy drinking!


7 thoughts on “5 Ways to Save Money In Your Coffee Cup

  1. Great set of money saving tips. I’m a serious coffee addict and I had to cut back for many reasons,one being my stomach no longer tolerated the quantity of coffee I consumed. These hints help even if you don’t need to save money. 🙂 Have an #AWEsome New Year and drop by http://downhomethoughts.com for a visit.

    1. I am dreading the day that I can’t have coffee anymore. I usually only have one cup a day. I’ve cut back seriously since quitting my job at the coffee shop. Thank you so much for stopping by!

    1. My mom has always been a big tea drinker and I didn’t realize how awesome it was until I got a little older. Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

    1. You’re so lucky! I love my coffee. I’m just thankful I can drink it black and I don’t have to spend money on all the fancy creamers. Thank you for stopping by!

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