Phoenix Comicon 2015

As after every Phoenix Comicon, I struggle with the words to describe my experience. I wrestle with my inner monologue which knows no censorship and my sensibilities which beg me to rein in and not be offensive. And, in nerd-dom, being offensive is the easiest mistake to make.

Here is the thing about nerds. They/we are mean. There is a distinct nerd hierarchy with furries at the very bottom (sorry, not sorry!) and Stars (both Wars and Trek) fans somewhere near the top. Steampunks, while not my thing, are somewhere in the middle, but they truly believe they are superior. As do fans of any kind of anime because they believe they know something you don’t know. And every other kind of nerd imaginable can be found at Phoenix Con, typically under the belief that they are superior than everyone else.

Regardless of where you rank, it takes a lot of dedication to your dom if you brave the 100+ degree weather to cosplay. Even I, only wearing jeans and a long-sleeve shirt to cosplay as my all-time fave Linda Belcher, felt the heat. And, I certainly wasn’t wearing any huge, bulky plastic pieces to complete my look.

As for dedication, the highlight of my one-day experience was seeing a man cosplaying as Him from Powerpuff Girls. It made my life to see someone dressed as an obscure villain from a cartoon show that has been off the air for years. I was psyched while my boyfriend had no idea what we were witnessing – true magic.

Other moments of sheer fangirl – seeing the Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof panel. The first couple of the Whedonverse in my con. It was kind of amazing. Unfortunately, the experience was diminished by the fact that the hall was suddenly being used as a walk-way and the volunteers kept screaming, “SIR! SIR! THAT IS NOT AN EXIT.” The other best part was the girl that was recording the whole thing, except for when her phone rang on full volume. Only to be topped off by the girl that pulled out her iPad to record. That’s when we walked out.

Here’s the thing, fellow nerds, don’t be rude and inconsiderate. I’m glad we’ve all learned how cosplay is not consent, but we need to learn some other manners. Or, next year’s Comicon isn’t going to have such awesome panelists and we’ll be stuck with another year of “DC vs Marvel.”

I think back to my first year and my naivety. And then last year, when we decided to brave two days in the wild. But this year, it really felt like a good opportunity to be among my people. I bought a comicbook. We bought some awesome prints for our new place. And, I really enjoyed the panels that we attended. Phoenix Comicon has come a long way from the first time I went. And, I didn’t see any zombies this year!