Our Engagement Story

It’s been almost a month of engagement bliss, but I figure it’s time to let the cat out of the bag and share Mike & my engagement story. Also, I secretly really love reading about other people’s engagements so I wanna join in on the fun.


When Mike had his surgery last year, he told me that if he made it out alright, he would put a ring on it by the end of the year. With the caveat that he had a job, of course. So, with the end of 2015 rapidly approaching, I feared that I wouldn’t get engaged.

It’s not that it was so important to be to be engaged because I knew that we would end up married. I didn’t need a ring – just a promise that we would get married in the new year. I’m a simple girl. I just want to start my life as his wife as soon as possible so we can enjoy marriage for the longest amount of time. But Mike is a really traditional guy and it was important for him to propose.

We looked at rings at the mall and it was not a good experience. Mike felt like the salespeople were lying and hiding the terrible quality of the diamonds. I felt pressured to get a ring that moment. They weren’t interested in our story. They just saw some money. So, we left. Mike promised we would look elsewhere together since we have very different ideas of what I wanted in a ring.

We went to Robbins Brothers on day one of our mini-vacation from work and I already knew the exact ring. I did my research online before we went in. The saleswoman was incredible and Mike got what he wanted – a GIA certification of the diamond.

We left with the ring in his custody to finish the rest of our errands for the day. He asked my mom for permission while I was at a work event. And then, when we picked up Gabby from his mom’s, he showed her the ring. We grabbed a bottle of champagne on our way home and he asked me in the privacy of our living room.


It was exactly what I pictured. I am so happy that I was able to be apart of the choosing of the ring – that we did it together. I’m so happy it was just the two of us for the actual engagement. And I am so happy to start throwing around the word “fiance” all the time now.