Somehow Chaotic’s Top 5 Posts

Even though it’s a brand new year, it’s still important to look back. Today, I’m looking back to my past blog posts to see which ones were the most popular.

It’s important to see what resonated with my readers as I prep my new posts for the year. So, without further ado, here are Somehow Chaotic’s Top 5 Posts:

  1. Top Ten Ways to Be the Worst Blogger – This one was a lot of fun to write because so frequently, I feel like I am a terrible blogger. I got a lot of comments and I really felt like I was writing in my voice. What can I learn from this? Lists are great. And when I get to be cheeky and sarcastic, I’m at my prime.
  2. Porn Review (From a Lady): Bob’s Boners – To be honest, I did not think this one would be anywhere near the top. This is a surprise. What can I learn from this? Apparently my feelings, as a lady, on porn are important.
  3. The Great Insta-Purge of 2014 – This post was a thinly veiled attempt to get more Instagram followers (by the way – I’m on Instagram). What can I learn from this? This was a pretty big event that I didn’t see a lot of coverage on, so I jumped on it. Maybe more current event posts would be beneficial.
  4. 5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Hitting Publish – Another post about how-to blogging. What can I learn from this? My little graph, as sad as it is, is a super helpful way. I think a lot of my hits from this post came from Pinterest – something I need to use more often.
  5. 5 Ways to Save Money in Your Coffee Cup – Another list to round out this list. I think I might have a problem. As a former barista, this post was incredibly easy for me to write. What can I learn from this? Lists are important in blogging. And popular.

There is a lot to take away from this – lists are great, graphics are important, and my voice seems to be more popular than I once thought.

Your Assignment …

Check out your most popular posts and see why they’re so popular. What did you do? Let’s examine our past successes to make sure 2016 is a success too!

Tell me in the comments what your post popular post was – I’d love to check it out!