Pumpkin Beer Review

I can’t control myself around pumpkin flavored things. I think I might actually turn into a pumpkin this fall. So, everytime I walk through the liquor department at the grocery store, my eyes bulge out of my head and I want to buy ALL the pumpkin beers.
pumpkin beer
Here are my completely biased reviews on what I’ve tried so far…
1. Ace’s Pumpkin Cider
Technically not a beer, but delicious nonetheless. Want something that actually tastes like pumpkin without all those nutmeg and other spices? This is your drink. It’s sweet and goes down easy. I think I’ve converted most of my friends. Also, this is gluten-free. Only bad thing? It’s difficult to find. I haven’t ever been able to find it in my regular grocery store and I have to go to one particular liquor store that I know always has it in the fall. And it’s a little more expensive, but definitely worth it. 10/10.
2. Blue Moon’s Harvest Moon
This was my first ever pumpkin beer. I tried it immediately after turning 21 and I fell in love. I ran out and bought a 12-pack. It’s still delicious and I always recommend it to people. Very easy to find – I get it at both grocery stores by my house. And, the price isn’t too bad. It does not have a distinct pumpkin flavor – there’s definitely more of the spices, but it’s really good. 9/10
3. Punk’n
First off, the name is adorable and the label is really well done. Those were the first things that caught my eye. Also, this was way cheaper than Sam Adam’s pumpkin beer, so that’s why I got a 6-pack of this at the grocery store instead of trying Sam Adams. Definitely not a strong pumpkin flavor, but it’s a delicious beer nevertheless. It’s pretty dark and I really enjoy it. It’s a really good ale despite the lack of pumpkin. 8/10
4. Four Peaks’ Pumpkin Porter
This dark and delicious beer is my favorite actual pumpkin beer. However, I HATE going to Four Peaks – parking sucks and it’s humid inside (YES, I know it’s a brewery, but I just don’t like being in there). But, I always try to make it in to buy a growler of this seasonal favorite. I cannot recommend it enough. 10/10
Not a pumpkin beer, but still a fall flavor…
Harvest Moon Caramel Apple Spiced Ale
I think the problem was that my expectations were high. I love Blue Moon, so I was thinking I just got myself a new fall favorite. But alas, this was terrible. I tried pawning it off on my family and they weren’t having any of it. There’s no flavor whatsoever. I have 3 left in my fridge from the fall variety pack if anyone wants them. I don’t think I can handle drinking it again. 0/10
I definitely want to try the Sam Adams pumpkin beer this year. Any other pumpkin favorites you think I should try? Let me know.